Masjid in Vietnam

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قائمة المساجدفي فيتنام



Type Name Address Info
An Giang/ Tan Chau


Masjid Mahmudiah Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune Picture 1. Built in 1963, renovated in 1993;150 Cham families pray here.
Masjid Nekma Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune It was built in 1930 and serves about 1000 muslims. Its school has 7 classes for muslims and 1 class for muslimah. Imam: Haji Ismail Mad Mine
Surao No. 1 Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune Imam: Hussain
Surao Maskinar Rahmah Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune Imam: Othman (Osmal)
Surao Dares Salam Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune Imam: Haji Musa
Surao Shariful Islamiah Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune Imam: Yusuf
Surao Noor Al Islam Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune Imam: Tuan Muhammad
Surao Hayat Al Islam Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune Imam: Haji Ismail Mad Mine
Surao Zumadul Islam Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune Imam: Haji Saleh Yusuf
Surao Al Wusta Ap Phum Xoai, Chau Phong commune Imam: Zakaria
An Giang/ Chau Phu


Masjid Al-Aman (Katambong) ap Khanh An 1, Khanh Hoa commune Picture 2. Built in 1965. About 210 Cham families pray here, with an islamic school of 150 pupils. Due to little field, people here mainly earn living by animal husbandary as goat, some do business.

Imam: Haji Musa Abdullah

Surao No. 1 Khanh Hoa commune Imam : Taheer
Surao No. 5 Khanh Hoa commune Imam: Muhammad Zain
An Giang/ An Phu


Masjid Al-Ehsan Da Phuoc commune Picture 3. Built in 1937, renovated in 1992. About 200 Cham families pray here. People live by textile, fishing, business, growing rice, and animal husbandary, with an islamic school of 120 pupils.

Imam: Haji Ibrahim

Masjid Jamiaus Sunna Da Phuoc commune Picture 15.Built in 1982, renovated in 2000. 82 Cham families pray here.

Imam: Tuan Haji Ahmad

Masjid Ar-Rohmah Ap La Ma, Vinh Truong commune Picture 4. Built in 1414, renovated in 1994. This masjid lie on an islet of Hau Giang river. Muslims here need a fund to aid poor pupil having good study results. Imam: Ismail
Masjid Al-Muslimin Quoc Thai commune Imam: Musa
Masjid Khoyri Yahx Ap III, Koh Koi village, Nhon Hoi commune Picture 20. It was renovated in 1992. It serves 174 families of 1836 muslims. Imam:Haji Isa
Masjid Mukor Romah (Khanh Binh) Ap III Cham, Khanh Binh commune It is about 100 years old. It was renovated for 3rdtime in 1991. In 1975, some muslims migrate to new economic area in Vinh Hanh commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province. People here have difficult life. They live by 1 season rice cultivation, animal breeding, and fishing. This masjid is near border with Cambodia. It serves 400 muslims. Imam: Saleh
Surao Noor Din Koh Koi village, Nhon Hoi commune Imam: Tuan Qadeer
An Giang/ Phu Tan


Masjid Al-Mubarak Ap Chau Giang, Phu Hiep commune It was built in 1750 and is one of oldest mosques in Vietnam. It was classified as a historical interest by Government. It serves 200 Cham families of about 1000 muslims.

Imam: Musa

Masjid Jamiul Azhar Ap Chau Giang, Phu Hiep commune Picture 16. Built in 1425. More than 200 families pray here.

Imam: Haji Abdul Qadir

Surao Al-Azhar Ap Chau Giang, Phu Hiep commune Imam: Saleh Tuan Yusuf
Surao Al-Mubarak Ap Chau Giang, Phu Hiep commune Imam: Musa
An Giang/ Chau Thanh Masjid Jamia Al Mukminin Vinh Hanh village Imam: Tuan Muhammad
An Giang/ Long Xuyen Surao Al Muslimin Long Xuyen city Imam: Muhammad Noor
Hanoi City

Office: Management Board Mosque Al-Noor Hanoi. Add: 12 Hang Luoc, Hoan kiem, Hanoi City. Tel: +84936220768 (Imam.Abbas), Email: Website:


Masjid Al-Noor 12 Hang Luoc (near Long Bien bridge and Dong Xuan market) It was built in 1890 by Indian traders and renovated in 1950. It serves 20 Viet muslims and those from embassies
Ho Chi Minh city Office: Islamic Community Ho Chi Minh City, add: 52 Nguyễn văn trỗi, Phú Nhuận District, Ho chi minh.City.

Tel: 0913607069 (Lydoso)

Masjid Ar-Rahim 45 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Picture 7. Built in 1885 by Malaysian-Indonesian muslims. More than 200 people pray here. Imam: Ali
Masjid Musulman 66 Dong Du (near Sheraton hotel) Picture 8.This is the most crowded masjid in HCMc. Built in 1935 by Indian muslims.
Masjid Jamiul Islamiah (Nancy mosque) 459B Tran Hung Dao (near Police City) Picture 10. First built in 1950. Rebuilt in 2004, with Arab architecture, designed by Vietnamese architect.

Imam: Haji Muhammad Youssof

HCMc / District 3


Masjid Niamatul Islamiyah 360 Cach Mang Thang Tam Picture 13&14. Built in 1952. More than 40 Kinh families with Chinese origin (Hoa ethnic group) pray here, included 250 muslims.

Imam: Tuan Haji Hamit

Surao Noor Al- Islam 39 Tran Quang Dieu It was built in 1970.

Imam: Haji Harun

HCMc / District 4 Surao Khairiyah 26/13 Ton That Thuyet Built in 1972.

Imam: Sulayman

HCMc / District 5 Masjid Al-Jamia (Cho Lon Jamial Mosque) 641 Nguyen Trai Picture 11. Built in 1932, 80 Cham people pray here.

Imam: Haji Saleh (Masales)


HCMc / District 6 Masjid Alsa Adah 45/67 Binh Tien, phuong 15 Address:Built in 1969. 49 Cham families pray here. They are businessmen and workers.

Imam: Haji Othman (Chau Samang)

HCMc / District 8 Masjid Jamia Al-Anwar 157B/09 Duong Ba Trac Picture 19. It was build in 1965 as a surao. It was then rebuilt in 1968 as a masjid. It serves 240 Cham families. They do small business. This masjid is not a sufficient place for pray. People often pray even on street in Jumah prayer.
Surao Mubarak 85/16 Pham The Hien Picture 17. Built in 1963.

Imam: Muhammad Zain

HCMc / District 9 Masjid Jamia Al- Muwahidin Imam: Haji Idris (Chau Taghe)
HCMc / District 10


Masjid Haiyat Al-Islam 317/75 Cach Mang Thang Tam Picture 12. First built in 1962. Rebuilt in 2002. 28 Cham families pray here. Before 1962, they pray in nearby masjid Niamatul Islamiyah.

Imam: Haji Othman (Ossaman)

HCMc/ Phu Nhuan District


Masjid Jamia Al-Muslimin 52 Nguyen Van Troi Picture 18. First floor is the Representative Office of Islamic Community of HCMc. 2nd floor is the place for muslim brothers. An Islamic school is behind the masjid and also worship place for muslimah.It was started building in 1969 and completed in 1971. It serves 102 Cham business families.

Imam: Haji Bunyamin

Surao Noor Al-Ehsan 111/24 Huynh Van Banh
HCMc / District Binh Thanh Surao Noor Al-Islam 4th floor, Phan Van Han Building Imam : Ismail
Tien Giang Masjid Jamia Musulmane 59 Trinh Hoai Duc, My Tho city; 70 km Southwest of HCMc Picture 9. Built in 1930 and renovated in 1957 by Indian muslims. After Indians left, it was handed over to Cham muslims. Now there are only 3 Cham families lives next to the masjid and some traveling businessmen from Chau Doc and Ninh Thuan.

Imam: Haji Abdal Rahman

Tra Vinh Masjid Al-Muslamin 133 Tran Quoc Tuan, Tra Vinh city; 137 km Southwest of HCMc It is going to be rebuilt

Imam Haji Isa Basri

Long An Masjid Al-Muslimin Tau Buu village, Ben Luc district; 20km South of HCMc Imam: Ahmad Jozi
Tay Ninh

Islamic Community Tay Ninh.


Tel: 0905731336 (Cham Sa) Leader,



Masjid Al-Muslimin Tay Ninh; 100 km North of HCMc It was build in 1957.

Imam: Hamzah

Masjid Al-Muslimin Tan Hung village (former Bau Bac) Imam: Adam
Masjid Noor Al-Iman Tan Hung village (former New Bau Bac) Imam: Ismail
Masjid Baitul Huda Tan Phu village, Tan Chau district (former Bao Cho E) Imam: Saleh
Masjid Niamah Suoi Day village, Tan Chau district Yusuf
Masjid Mubarak Thanh Binh village, Tan Bien District Imam: Ismail
Surao Niamah Bao xuong mau Imam: Houssain
Binh Phuoc Masjid Hayat Al-Islam Phu Rieng village; 140 km Northeast of HCMc It was built in 1990.

Imam: Muhammad Zain

Binh Duong Masjid Al-Muttaqin Minh Hoa village; Dau Tieng district (Long Ho); 120 km Northeast of HCMc It was built in 1992.

Imam: Ali

Dong Nai



Masjid Al-Islam Binh Son village; Long Thanh district; 60 km Northeast of HCMc It was built in 1975.

Imam: Ya’qub

Direction: on highway 51 (Vung Tau – HCMc), km69 after Thanh Tam motel, go 100m more and turn right (near signboard 30km/hr), continue on road 770 about 12 km through rubber and fruit area.On the right – a rubber factory and 100 m down, cross a small bridge, turn right after bridge to a clay road. Go straight 2 km, pass graveyard. End of road found a muslim village, the masjid is on the right.

Masjid Noor Al-Ehsan Xuan Hung village, Long Khanh district; 120 km from HCMc Imam: Muhammad Zain
Surao Noor Al-Yakin Xuan Hung village, Long Khanh district (Lot A) Imam: Malik
Surao Noor Al-Hidayah Xuan Hung village, Long Khanh district (Lot H) Imam: Yahya
Ninh Thuan


Islamic Community Ninh Thuan Province. Add: No:1 National Way, Phuoc Nam village, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuận Province

Tel: 0913161074 (Isa Tam), website:



Masjid Al-Muslimin 101 Phuoc Nam village, Ninh Phuoc District (Van Lam) It was built in 1962.

Imam: Amine

Masjid Al-Mubarak 102 Xuan Hai village, Ninh Hai district (Phuoc Nhon) Rebuilt in 1999

Imam: Hamzah

Masjid An-Noor 103 Xuan Hai village, Ninh Hai district (An Nhon) Imam: Abdullah
Masjid Niamah 104 Phuoc Nam village, Ninh Phuoc district (Nho Lam) Imam: Ali